Meeting Notes for 5/7/2010

Meeting Agenda:

1. Catch up - Where are we, what are we working on, etc?
2. What more needs to be done for a 2.1 final release?
3. Discuss Sid's 4/17 email regarding ILS variations/capabilities
4. First pass at building a 2.2 feature list & roadmap
5. ALA plans?
6. Other business?

John Blyberg
Ryan Eby
Eric Klooster
Jef Godin
Rich Dworianyn
Sid Maskit
Alex Bronstein
Joseph Muennich


Agenda 1 & 2: Catch up

Darien Library:

Checkout history
Code clean-up
Final touches on SOPAC 2.1

[5/7/10 3:21:20 PM] ryan eby: concerns with deletion in ils of history
[5/7/10 3:37:13 PM] Alex Bronstein: decision: checkout history should be harvested and live in insurge. sopac features like "recommendation engine" use the data in insurge. harvesting decisions like whether to delete from ILS after a harvest can be ILS-specific and handled in the connector
[5/7/10 3:38:01 PM] Joseph Muennich:
[5/7/10 3:39:57 PM] Alex Bronstein: decision: checkout history should be harvested and live in insurge. sopac features like "recommendation engine" use the data in insurge. harvesting decisions like whether to delete from ILS after a harvest can be ILS-specific and handled in the connector


[5/7/10 3:39:59 PM] ryan eby: more drupalized
[5/7/10 3:40:15 PM] ryan eby: security and log off / reauthentication
[5/7/10 3:41:23 PM] Alex Bronstein: using views 3 alpha to integrate sopac searches into cool things available with views, like views_carousel.
[5/7/10 3:43:47 PM] Alex Bronstein: a very rough start on code to automate migration of ILS user records to Drupal user records
[5/7/10 3:44:35 PM] Sid Maskit: ongoing conversation: what should recommendation engine do, what data is needed, etc.
[5/7/10 3:46:13 PM] Alex Bronstein: some consortium oriented features: using subdomains to customize the site by member library. will use something like hook_form_alter() to pre-select search options based on member library subdomain.
[5/7/10 3:47:46 PM] Joseph Muennich:
[5/7/10 3:49:58 PM] Alex Bronstein: Our in-progress implementation of switching based on subdomain is some custom code, but and are really awesome generic building blocks
[5/7/10 3:50:22 PM] Jeff Godin: alex: was the third module "spaces"?
[5/7/10 3:50:31 PM] Alex Bronstein:
[5/7/10 3:55:06 PM] John Blyberg:
[5/7/10 3:55:17 PM] John Blyberg:
[5/7/10 3:55:20 PM] ryan eby:
[5/7/10 3:59:32 PM] Alex Bronstein: Darien using CCK 3 Multigroup to create a node representing a list, where the node consists of multi-valued group, each group contains "bib number" and other relevant fields.
[5/7/10 4:00:51 PM] Alex Bronstein: Shameless plug: I'm the maintainer of, which is an alternative to CCK Multigroup (for anyone not wanting to use CCK 3).
[5/7/10 4:03:15 PM] Eric J. Klooster: "Drupal" izing the code was one of the things I wanted to talk about
[5/7/10 4:11:25 PM] John Blyberg: Alex gives a synopsis of Drupal 7, major game changer applicable to SOPAC is the entity system
[5/7/10 4:11:25 PM] Eric J. Klooster: Lots of cool new features in D7, how much to we want to leverage in SOPAC going forward
[5/7/10 4:11:53 PM] ryan eby: yeah is portability still a goal
[5/7/10 4:15:19 PM] John Blyberg: RDF module for cross-site aggregation
[5/7/10 4:19:40 PM] Jeff Godin: discussing SOLR vs Sphinx, pluggable search for SOPAC to pick one or the other
[5/7/10 4:20:31 PM] ryan eby:
[5/7/10 4:20:48 PM] ryan eby:


[5/7/10 4:29:27 PM] Alex Bronstein: AADL doing some more drupalizing (e.g., using l() for link generation)
[5/7/10 4:30:24 PM] John Blyberg: AADL expanding insurge data structured to include things like content type, etc
[5/7/10 4:32:46 PM] Alex Bronstein: Exploring Sphinx configuration for more fine grained control
[5/7/10 4:33:26 PM] Eric J. Klooster: Using CouchDB for schema-less storage of bib records
[5/7/10 4:33:43 PM] Alex Bronstein: ++
[5/7/10 4:34:02 PM] Jeff Godin: Adding more metadata to the schema-less bib storage, "bypassing" MARC
[5/7/10 4:35:27 PM] John Blyberg: AADL looking to get rid of facetizer() ++
[5/7/10 4:35:52 PM] Eric J. Klooster: Take control of the bib data away from closed ILS
[5/7/10 4:40:09 PM] Alex Bronstein: sphinx faceting possible with 0.9.8 !!
[5/7/10 4:42:13 PM] Alex Bronstein: Advanced sphinx stuff needs 0.9.10
[5/7/10 4:43:12 PM] Jeff Godin: More browse interfaces, starting with faceting instead of search-then-facet. Example BISAC, music collections...
[5/7/10 4:43:54 PM] Jeff Godin: AADL continuing work on machine tagging
[5/7/10 4:44:35 PM] John Blyberg: follow up w/ eby and sid about booklists
[5/7/10 4:46:49 PM] Alex Bronstein: john/sid follow-up to code review sopac/locum trunk prior to rolling out 2.1 final.
[5/7/10 4:46:53 PM] John Blyberg: follow up w/ sid about multi branch elements

Agenda 3: ILS Variations

[5/7/10 4:50:36 PM] ryan eby: feature list, ils pulldown, manage available features
[5/7/10 4:50:48 PM] John Blyberg: sid talking about ils variations and how to handle them in SOPAC
[5/7/10 4:51:47 PM] Alex Bronstein: some UI features only work with some ILSes (for example, suspend dates for holds possible on Sirsi, not on III)
[5/7/10 4:55:06 PM] Alex Bronstein: John suggesting that the connector be aware of what features it supports. SOPAC can query that.
[5/7/10 5:03:46 PM] Alex Bronstein: Some discussion about what is the role of a function in the connector (e.g., getCapabilities()) to report information about its supported features, vs. what is the role of an INI file to have information related to that.
[5/7/10 5:04:59 PM] ryan eby: (d) <-- (JB: at this point, Ryan prepares himself a cocktail)
[5/7/10 5:08:22 PM] Alex Bronstein:
[5/7/10 5:09:00 PM] John Blyberg: Alex announced project/ils on drupal as an available namespace for D7
[5/7/10 5:09:35 PM] Jeff Godin: Alex module-name-squatting.
[5/7/10 5:10:14 PM] John Blyberg: Alex's drupal7-fu is strong

It was agreed that we will revisit the 2.2 roadmap on our 5/28/2010 conference call.

Nobody except John Blyberg is going to ALA, so no plans.

No further business for today.