Collection Watch notice: from the style and movement of

In general, watch collections of objects must first if the list, of which the most important is that people usually say the world ten watches. However, for the majority of watch lovers, there is no need to blindly pursue the so-called ranking, to understand the brand behind the design concept is the most important, why do the design.

Industry experts have pointed out, some brand design, only 10 years of history, but to be able to sell millions of RMB, all will be able to sell such a high price, the key is because of its idea out of the ordinary.

Different investors can also be there, some pay attention to style, while others are more highly valued watch movement function, such as the tourbillon, calendar and other watch collectors are more and more. From the long-term point of view, the collection list income is very considerable, with several decades of history list, now the price is very high. So a collection of watches from the style and movement in two aspects, but be sure not to blindly follow the trend, according to their actual needs as the starting point to select a watch.

Collection list there is a trick, that can pay attention to a brand is the most classic variety, so its potential value in general is relatively large. Like the tourbillon many brands of watches are produced, but also the most classic Breguet 's first, so if you buy a tourbillon watch Breguet 's first choice. In short, a collection of watches and not simply seek a single brand, but to focus on brand the most classic those varieties.

Then, the new beginners how to enter this field? Firstly, a lot of attention to the world auction market changes, which can make heart bottom.

As long as new beginners to master a simple rule: goods market is more, the appreciation of space is small, the goods less, more value to the collection. Of course, now called" limited edition" has disaster caused by flooding water, beginners will have psychological, to make a definition of" limited". A few dozen, and even a few watches can be limited, such a table, future prospects will be very good.